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Napes is the personal website of Niall Napier. I make no guarantees as to the validity or correctness of any of the content, opinions or ideas expressed in my website either by myself or other contributors and subsequently such expressions should not be used as the basis for any personal or business decisions by yourself. All content, opinions and ideas that I express here are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or any other connected party.

User Generated Content Policy

Any content contributed to the site, through any means (comment or otherwise) by its users must only be done where the user owns all required copyright and/or usage rights.

By posting content on the site you grant me (Niall Napier) the continuing, royalty free right to reproduce, retransmit, and distribute that content and to modify it as follows:

  • No Profanity: Where content contains profanity, indecency or personal attacks the comment may be modified to remove such elements or reduce their potential for causing offence.
  • No Advertising: Where content contains advertising for a product or service by name, link or otherwise which is inappropriate for the context in which it appears, the content may be modified to remove such elements.
  • No Page Re-Formatting: Where the content contains code which affects the rendering of the site the content may be modified so that the site may be properly rendered or removed altogether.
  • No Malicious Code: Where the content contains code which can perform malicious actions on a site visitor's web browser or computer the content may be modified to remove such code or removed altogether.

Comments sent using the contact us page will not be reused without the authors permission and will remain as confidential as an email communication would be between the author and myself.

I reserve the right to remove any user generated content and/or ban users from posting content at any time and for any reason.

I make no guarantee that content violating the User Generated Content Policy will be removed or modified. In subjective areas such as profanity, my judgement will be used and final.


Napes is a free site and as such makes no provisions or warranty as to its existence, the provision of services or the availability of its content (site or user generated) now or in the future.