Day of Legends

25th September 2007

It seems that today, September 26th, is truly the day legends are born. While some may question this bold statement I ensure you I have evidence to back it up. Wikipedia suggests the birthdays of T.S Elliot and Serena Williams along with some I should perhaps leave out - Anne Robinson, Olivia Newton-John. However, it's not truly a birthday I have been preparing to introduce...

This article is to congratulate ChuckleVision on twenty years of success in childrens television. ChuckleVision first started broadcasting on the 26th September 1987 and has since brought smiles to millions of British children through the BBC. Known, affectionately, as The Chuckle Brothers the programme follows the misadventures of Paul and Barry Chuckle played by real life brothers Paul and Barry Elliot. Slapstick comedy ensues along with the classic catchphrases "To me, to you" and "Oh dear, oh dear".

With a whopping 279 episodes under it's belt and yet more to come ChuckleVision is a British institution and I'm proud to share my birthday with such a wonderful programme.

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