Happy Halloween 2005

30th October 2005

OK, So I may have been celebrating halloween a little early, but in Scotland it's more an excuse for a party than anything else. As is tradition everyone was in fancy dress and I decided "Cartoon Cowboy Sheriff" would be my costume for the night. Basically, all it meant was that I made the accessories for my outfit rather than buy plastic ones. I had a gun, some handcuffs, spurs and a sheriff badge. If you want to go as a "Cartoon Cowboy Sheriff" read on.

  • Download the images for the gun (left and right), handcuffs (left and right), spurs (left and right) and sheriff and hat badges.

  • Print the images onto some white card and cut out around the perimeters of the images.

  • For the gun and handcuffs cut out some small pieces of unused kitchen sponge and using a rubber glue (such as Copydex) stick the squares of sponge onto the back of one of the 'left' images. Apply glue to the side of the sponges opposite the side stuck to the image and place the corresponding 'right' image ontop. Leave to dry for at least half an hour.

  • For the spurs simply staple the matching right and left images together once in the middle of the stars and use the seperating end to fix the spur to each side of the heel of your shoe.

  • The badges should be pinned on using safety pins or otherwise as appropriate.

Set off your accessories with a checked shirt, a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat and you're done!

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