Learning to Drive (Again)

21st August 2006

I made another step into American life today by sitting my theory driving test and...I passed (yay!)...with 100%. Congratulations to Susie - my study budy - who also got 100% today and Alan who now has a full US drivers license after passing his practical test.

I have to say that the whole experience was rather bizarre. Thank you to the lovely useless DMV lady who postponed my driving test due to sheer idiocy and, perhaps more sincerely, thank you to the man sitting in the cubicle next to her who reversed the damage and allowed me to sit the test. Unlike in the UK the United States do not operate a computer aided test. Instead, you complete the test in what can only be described as a voting booth at the edge of the DMV. That aside I shouldn't complain, I am now equiped with my driving permit and have only to sit the practical before I can buy a car of my own.

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