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16th November 2011

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Whether you’re growing a mo’ or know a bro who’s got one on the go, you can’t escape Movember - the month of moustache. And we’re already half way through! As you might be able to tell from the pictures above I’m growing one myself this year and thus far have had curious glances, polite smiles and one “what is that on your lip! It’s even ginger!” in response.

Make a donation to the Movember fund

For those of you who have never encountered Movember before, the event started in Melbourne Australia to raise awareness around men’s health issues and in particular prostate and testicular cancer. In the UK, the funds raised are distributed between The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research and in 2010 amounted to £11.7m. These charities invest in research, support and training programmes to meet Movember’s strategic goals around awareness and education.

If you enjoyed my moustache-y pictures above or indeed the ones on Facebook I beg of you to help me make the growth worthwhile and donate a pound or two to a very worthy cause.

Make a donation to the Movember fund

By Niall Napier

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