The long commute

15th October 2011

View from the plane of the oceanView from the plane of the oceanView from the plane of the ocean

I’m writing this 30,000 feet in the air. Through the foggy porthole window I can see ships crossing the channel and sunlight reflecting red on the horizon. Shortly my flight will be descending into the London night-time and for a few minutes I will get to see London in a way that wasn’t possible over 100 years ago.

Reconciling the reconciliation

17th September 2011

Re-con-cil-iation, the word alone sends a shudder down my spine. Tying numbers together across months of work, huge volumes of data and complex processing is no simple task, however it’s such a robust method of QA that you ignore it at your peril.

Mercurial for Chef (chef-hg)

6th March 2011

I've been working with system configuration utility Chef over the last few months and I was disappointed to learn that it didn't provide support for Mercurial (Hg) version control…so I did what any good open-sourcer would and built it myself.

This brief tutorial explains how to use the simple Hg package that I wrote for Chef.

Making the move to Google Apps

30th November 2010

After three years running my own mail and calendar servers, I found I no longer had the time to upgrade, fiddle and face the downtime that comes with running my own service. It was time to pick up my mail and make the move to Google Apps.

Radiohead at Glasgow Green

11th July 2008

It was a wet day; a wet, wet day in June. Yet, despite the hours in the drizzle and the downpour Radiohead eclipsed everything with a stellar performance on Glasgow Green.

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