New York and San Francisco for the Holidays

3rd January 2007

From the 19th to the 26th I was in NYC visitng my family who flew out for the week. The city was fantastic and we did all the touristy things: Empire State Building, Staten Island Ferry by the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Skating in Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Broadway show and seeing as it was Christmas, quite a bit of shopping too. On the 26th I flew to San Francisco to spend a week with my friends there and relax a bit.

Learning to Drive (Again)

21st August 2006

I made another step into American life today by sitting my theory driving test and...I passed (yay!)...with 100%. Congratulations to Susie - my study budy - who also got 100% today and Alan who now has a full US drivers license after passing his practical test.

Apple WWDC 2006

7th August 2006

I watched the WWDC Keynote speech from Apple the whole way through this year. No fast-forwarding past the financial report. No skipping over the duller features in the Leopard preview and I was honestly disappointed. While there were lots of lovely new tools to be shown off, and I shall certainly be purchasing a copy of the new Mac OS when it's released, I was put off by the cheap digs that were made at MS from start to finish.

Happy Halloween 2005

30th October 2005

OK, So I may have been celebrating halloween a little early, but in Scotland it's more an excuse for a party than anything else. As is tradition everyone was in fancy dress and I decided "Cartoon Cowboy Sheriff" would be my costume for the night. Basically, all it meant was that I made the accessories for my outfit rather than buy plastic ones. I had a gun, some handcuffs, spurs and a sheriff badge. If you want to go as a "Cartoon Cowboy Sheriff" read on.

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