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Information Flow in Java with JIF

2nd June 2008

Jif presents an efficient model for data flow control based upon the Decentralized Label Model. In this second article, we look at how Jif can be used to prevent information leaks and introduce some of the core concepts of the language extension.

Read part one, The Decentralized Label Model.

The Decentralized Label Model

23rd May 2008

While programming languages provide support for encapsulation and basic access control there are rarely methods in place to mediate how data flows around an application. This is essential to ensuring that a system does not suffer from information leaks. The Decentralized Label Model and Java Information Flow framework approach this problem by providing a means of statically checking the flow of information around an application, based on policies associated with variables.

In this, the first in a two part series on controlling information flow, we look at the problem of information flow control and how the Decentralized Label Model can be used to minimise leaks.